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Longs Gone: Cryptocurrency Market Maker’s Thoughts

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Longs - Shorts 🧵


Hours ago i said in @EternalWhales That I did continu to place Longs

Reasons ? Macros terms

Understand my process Iam, in many exchanges positioned on muliples Shorts (all the way down since past Ath, still open)


Why, did I do this ?

At first is it important to understand that I matched every single trending price, all months in advance. Then have fully my thesis for this Bear market that are for to be done

However, as I said I have more than 50 Shorts in Btc from 61 59 57 ....


I did continuesly took short at hi pivot from a trending swing price, we can also said *seasonal change

(3W - 6W - 9W)

Thesis macros, econ, technical

I dont take a positions or by a assets without analyzing the stocks market, the macros and micros economics


Now you start to understand that is it not Up Only forever and thag right now we are in a bear, in bear price goes lower with the seasonal change acting as pivot *Yes. Due to the Geopo and Macros econ, is it not in a perspective that all assets will run into new Ath soon


However, one of the reason that I did traded this macros micros and geopo into this bear so perfectly is that I carry the Market Maker spread into the range

Every single range include for any trader

median - hi - lo

Before passing to a new range


As long as a trader/investor have knowledge about the thesis and the terms of the future price average

*If short are from every hi and profits are 70% are took to then leave the free run if non of change come

*If long pos entry in macros lo and profits are took from 80%


Then you're making money continuesly into this bear and cold macros

Operation mid term (2-3y) is great to use in general

Combination with spot : 1.Buying every macros Lo 2.Selling rebounce per stairs % 3.Sell 70% ,rejection Hi pivot seasonal 4.Hold Dca the remaining 30%


Now, this is why I'm entering more Longs positions since June lo

Price reached a average of retracement that I did waited before starting to buy spot - re distribute 70% - hold 30%

But also added(ing) Longs positions

Macros term with Liquidation far below 3k / Btc


Price reached a zone that started to be pleasant and attractive for me and then buying - entry Longs below the 20k

Is for me good as returns and good as skip taxations of my trades


Buy spot mid term long term

Execution of profits

Longs micros and from this levels macros is at great opportunities to thoses that know what and how to execute and profits *Quant trading.


As long as a investor/trader knowledge and have funds for the macros term and the aspect global of the macros

Then from a point after reach (78.6 - 88.6 percent of retracement ) then opportunities for yearly trades come.


Is sad to seeing Traders / Investors / Companies

Are doing 70% wrong :

Going almost 80% in macros trades and get bankrupt-loss-ripped

They should understand the difference btw : Scalps (microeconomics) Swings (seasonal econ) Swings (macroeconomics)


All acting(ed) by greed, end in 80% of the case ugly.

Short term trends : Traders, Investors , Companies should only risk 19% at max. No loss can be in excess by using quant if case as studied and funds to exits and re increase entry are calculated properly

1k or 100m


Short-term, here, the price that a person like me have to know and knowledge, by knowing price will reach at different times theses lower macros

Then my Longs are funds and assured for. If 1M Long x2 x3 isn't in any case the problem of liquidation if funds excess xxxm


The price that for me are below 20k is just as great that to entry Longs in for years. Understand that short term mid term and long term money making have different action in quant that boths need to be understanding


If you trade every single day

long short long short

Did this made you already Millionaire today ? He'll no, give some freedom yes

Do not believe in the concept of the social Lucky winners that in crypto ticket became Billionaire in a Day/ Month/Yearly


Not every people can get a lucky ticket And rather that believing in chance and else social attractions

Create a plan,

manage it,

review it, Follow it.

Consistency need to be your

trades / investments

As short-mid-long terms

End 🖊

Crypto btc Eth

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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