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Daily Bitcoin Price Analysis: Panic Everywhere!

A Take on Markets .. [September Thread] ..

Sentiment is officially crushed. Hope is lost. Literally, panic is everywhere! And you thought getting rich is easy.

We've warned you from all of this.


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DXY Monthly

We have warned of DXY strength in last month analysis.

The last two months consolidation ended up with moving into the second target 112.6-113.4 of the 7.5 years rectangle. The third target is in 119.0-120.5 range.


DXY Monthly

We do expect DXY to cool off a little in October and continue to rip in November and December.

It's notable to point out that DXY strength is immense. The monthly candles are riding the upper range of the BB and even closing outside the range.


DXY Weekly

It is our first time to analyze the weekly chart for the dollar. A parabola is presented on the chart but, to be taken into consideration with caution. It looks like a stair stepping and making higher lows every several weeks.


DXY Weekly

Now, the level that we must watch on the weekly is 10 MA. Also, a throwback to 107.7 level is fine.

Shall the dollar lose 107.7 on a weekly close, we would look for the possibility that the dollar has already topped with a blow off move.


DXY Daily

The daily chart looks toppy on the short term.

Levels to watch: 1) 110.3-110.8. 2) 50 MA (now at 108.6). 3) 108.3-109.0. 4) 107.7.

Closing below 50 MA signals a weakness and closing below 107.7 signals a trend change.


SPX Monthly


Not only SPX failed to clear 4130 level on a monthly close which would have given us more confidence that the bull market will resume, it failed even to touch that level.


SPX Monthly

September monthly close was below the lower BB. Since 2009 all dips to the lower BB were bought before the monthly close. This is the first time to happen since 2008 crash.

SPX500 SPX2022


SPX Monthly

The last four times we closed below the BB, we'd 1977 bear, 1982 inflation bear, 2002 dot-com bubble crash and 2008 financial crisis crash.

The charts below shows this from 1955. Red arrows indicate a close below BB and green arrows indicates dip buying.


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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