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Bitcoin Price Update – Next Week On Track

Short term bitcoin update.

This is what I am looking for into next week on BTC Charts below imo are the highest probability. Will post a few updates during the week. Please continue to like and retweet if you find these helpful. 🙏

BTC SPX500 Ethereum

Last week I explained that BTC was late in a minor degree cycle & as a result any rally would likely fail. This appears to have happened.

This cycle is due to bottom around the 5-7th October.The black arrows show the path we were looking for (I gave the set-up into the monthly)

Dominant bitcoin cycle has failed (red circle low has been exceeded). This tells us that any subsequent rally (in this cycle) should also fail.

Therefore, highest odds suggest move down into 5-7th October (levels to watch marked), but any resulting bullish attempt should fail.

I posted this last week. The SPX500 also a minor low due around the same time as BTC Therefore any move into one of the supports (above chart) around this date, could add confluence to a long set-up. But remember, highest odds are that if we get a rally it is likely to fail.

This market still favours the short side and this should be your bias until the market tells you otherwise. I will continue to trade the ltf only until I feel the market offers longer term value, which I think it will, but later in the year.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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