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First Bulgarian Bitcoin Conference In Bulgaria To Be Held In Bitcoin Only

Bulgaria is a small country in Eastern Europe. Just 7 million citizens. However in 2 weeks, on the 15th of October, we are organizing the first ever Bulgarian Bitcoin only conference. We've gathered some of the best minds on btc in the World!


Българската Биткойн Конференция – Второто издание на Крипто Революция

Next will be a panel about Bitcoin the Investment The difference between retail and institutional investors. Why is it important for institutions to enter the pace and what are the implications. David Bonev, BoneX CEO, will be joining this panel.

Nikolaus Jilch will tell us his story about Bitcoin adoption and the Social Netowrk build around it. You know, like the "CT" thing we have here.

@CierrePorbin will tell us about Bitcoin adoption in Latin America. If Bitcoin can work in the most economically underdeveloped regions of the planet - this will prove to the whole world the scalability and it's true potential as a settlement network.

We will have two more Bulgarian speakers - Srebrin Vatralov and Nikolay Delchev. Two true Bulgarian Bitcoiners who've been helping Bitcoin adoption in Bulgaria for years.

And we've saved best for last. @natbrunell will get on stage for a one-hour interview with @JeffBooth

We will wrap things up with the deeper questions that our everyday life doesn't give us the chance to ask. The questions that if left unanswered we will keep going in circles.

The "what if..." questions that few people can answer as articulate as @JeffBooth

And at the end of all this I would like to state: Why are we doing a Bitcoin conference in Bulgaria?

Because we have to. Bitcoin is an idea. Idea that few understand. Few are willing to work on.

An idea that if we don't nurture - it's going to die.

It all comes down to: What problem does Bitcoin solve?

Very few people have the time to ask and were guided to even think the question: What is money? Shoutout to @Breedlove22

Few people understand that inflation is theft.

For as long as we have people deciding behind close doors what is best for the economy and for the people - to higher or lower interest rate, setting the price of money, there we will be no free market. There will be people with inside information that take advantage of it.

If you are interested in finding out more about the conference - just visit our website. A full recording will be posted on my youtube channel, link in bio, and linked here on Twitter the week after the conference.

The Fiat Ponzi is collapsing. Bitcoin standard will replace it.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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