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Wall Street’s Only Way to Buy $BTC

Food for thought....

Blackrock quotes EWT - why? ESG rules mean they can't buy BTC without proving it was mined in a green way (that's what Energy Web does - tags green miners and related mined bitcoin).

So we agree that's important.

One other way BTC can be bought though..

If purchased as part of a reorg / restructuring the ESG concerns no longer in play - buying distressed assets. Buying "distressed" BTC

is the only way wall street could get exposure at scale. Enter the snakes (i.e., wall street).

Enter the pawns (i.e., FTX - Sam 1 & 2, Brett)

It's obvious what happened.... @FTX_Official @AlamedaTrabucco @SBF_FTX @BrettHarrison88 thought they were special and buddied up with Wall Street.

Convinced they were smart and special, they gave everything up to the real sharks.

They sold out crypto, facilitated the crash thinking they were part of the Wall Street club... lol... Now 2 of the 3 have been fired (that's the least of their problems to come btw.... fallguys stupidisasstupiddoes)

@SBF_FTX if you think your fate is any different / if you think that you are actually a step ahead it's time to think harder.

They are going to eat you up and spit you out.

All you will have as a legacy is that you choose to frustrate inevitable progress in a criminal way.

Also good look on selling out your friends lol you are the pawn and when wall street spits you out like they did your "friends", remember you screwed over the only community that might have actually cared enough to help, you little worm.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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