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Satoshi Nakamoto Says He’s Going to College with Crypto

Waiting for u that gave me 🤡... I know what I'm taking about, do u?

I am true believer, seen it rise from dust to the stars, when I didn't even know what crypto was and got shilled it in P&D group..

U gave me 🤡, Im just waiting to re enter there and ride it to the top5 FTM

Also I have got so tired of all of this shilling, tired of this never ending capitalism, that keeps changing shape and name, but is still the same.. As I said a while ago, I'm looking for fundamentals and real application, otherwise is just another ponzi/waste of energy

We keep complaining about world temperature rising, ice melting, pollution, and so on.. But then u all come here screaming Pump my bags... COHERENCE! people.. Why this fcking meteorite takes so long?! We deserve to be wiped out from the universe history

No other species is so arrogant, self destructive, and so on like humans.. Even if we are given a 2nd chance, I'll bet whatever u want we will be able to blast it out in the toilet.. What are we? What are we really doing? What it means being reach and if is it what u really need?

Matrix is more than real and far that what u really thing.. Stop seeing the world as society wants, and start to see and enjoy whatever is left of yours and our life, on this planet, with the life of this planet.. Peace & love. Build useful stuff, not shit ponzi.

We moved to crypto bcs u were all blaming the rich being in control of banks, stocks and so on, just bcs u wanted to be the one in that role, not bcs u wanted to be different. I swear that is the only reason why SatoshiNakamoto is not coming out. BTC eth crypto worldsociety

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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