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Bitcoin Price Outlook Above $18.8k


Monthly outlook: previous month vah at 19.2k val at 18.8k . for an expansion higher you want btc to clean break above 19.2k and hold above . vice versa below 18.8k

Intra week if we will have a range then previous week vah 19.6k will be 1st trouble area . clean that and flood gates will open for higher prices to fill the imbalance/ single prints

7 day composite . 19.2k---18.8k

weekend composite vah 19.3k . push higher and same 19.6k should cap the price being its naked vah of 30 sept . So you know when to tp and where to look for shorts

now clean chart for easy understanding . if you are bullish then wait for btc to clean smash above 19.4k region and hold above . if dip given 1. scalp long from 19.2 - 19.6k . take profit done .

2. Clean smash above 19.6k and hold 19.4k as support then

gates will open for 20.4k region . that's another long from 19.4 to September mid range . Break and hold below 18.8k and rejection underside game over .

good luck have fun

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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