Hindsight 3 minutes reading from Bitcoin

It’s Time to Get Into the Metaverse

It feels like we are inching towards a pivotal moment here for our magical internet monies…maybe and maybe not.

But IF we are, it’s time for me to lay down myjpegs and take a side.

Imo it’s btc or nothing here…

There will be a time for more arguments about BTC vs Eth or about bitcoins long term security/fee model etc.

But if we are looking down the barrel of an imminent financial disaster - this is not the time for that.

Like it or not, we will rise or fall on the back of bitcoins strength or weakness in the face of a crisis in faith in the financial system.

Use the right tool for the most important problem at hand…

Do not try and solve every problem at the same time. Do not try and solve the problem with every tool.

Whats the most important problem rn?

I’ll give you a clue…it’s not how do we get our monkeys into the metaverse

And it wont be solved by coins that have undergone a major upgrade recently…the consequences and second order effects of which will take time to fully understand

And it I’m pretty sure won’t be solved by VC funded coins run on 5 nodes

I hate maxis but their is truth in some of their maxims…

If the most sound, most uncensored, most decentralised and (importantly) most battle tested of our magic money doesn’t have value in the face of the crisis we might soon see then it’s time to pack up and go home…

Bitcoin is a form of money, a financial asset. But it is also an insurance policy against govt overreach and bad policy decisions…and it is a premium I think is undervalued rn

I’m not saying for anyone to do anything. I’m just outlining my own thinking for how I’m thinking right now and why I’m positioned heavily in BTC for the next bit… regardless of long term concerns or medium term opportunities for better returns

Simply put …IF some genuinely bad (worse) monetary decisions are made over the next while and bitcoin doesn’t serve the purpose it was created for there is very little chance anything else will in the near future.

So it comes down to what % probability you give that IF.

For me, that % doesn’t need to be too high (<20%) to make this correct decision for now.

I can always change my mind and my position when the risk does. And it will not change too quickly.

Let’s see.

(P.s. I’m not selling any of my OG NFTs and I’m still adding people on to my whitelist)

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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