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Upcoming Months Might Be Best Time To Invest In Crypto

When you think weekly looks bad.

Just look at the monthly chart.


With that being said one of the best time invest in crypto might be near us.

This is how Btc chart looks like in 2018 when I started trading.

So where is the bottom is the million dollar question. Maybe we already did bottomed out. Lol.(Very less chance)

Since, we had big players coming in crypto from stock market. Crypto & Spx(stock market) had a big tike correlation. It all comes down where does sp500 bottom’s out .

If spx bottoms out around 3200 region. Btc has good chance of bottoming out near 12-14k usdt.

If all goes south & spx crashes near low 2000 there is no way in any multiverse Im not considering the btc does flash crash around this level.

When this level comes don’t panic. Also don’t rush & buy everything. Because buying blood doesn’t always work..

& there are many more examples of like this.

But, I do believe-in

next 6 months we might bottomed out.

20-28 October will be highly volatile days. Let’s see if we can get any type of capitulation candle near October end.

Upcoming months

might be one of the best times to invest in crypto. & if you get it right people will call you lucky. He just lucky with the crypto thing or Internet coins. Same people wont have guts to invest wisely when markets are down.

Upcoming months might be best time to invest in Alt-coins. There are more than 21000 internet coins listed on coinmarketcap. Not all of them are hood not all of them are bad not all of them are legit or undervalued or o overvalued. Do some research to find you 50 or 100x coin.

I might share a list of Alt-coins in few days. Maybe give me a follow? BTC

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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