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The Pairs of Binance’s “Best Pair” in Crypto

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@MrCustomSuit Keep in mind I have less than 1yr experience of PA trading so this is more so a journal for me than anything else

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Plan is to short Supply

Slightly risky after FVG below has been mostly filled

No entry

@tradertuur @MrCustomSuit BTCUSDT perp on Binance on the other hand offers access up to 125x lev and fees are very reasonable (0.04% taker, 0.003% maker I think)

These are the pairs with the best pricing in crypto (the WOO holding company actually Market Makes many Binance coins)

@tradertuur @MrCustomSuit Other exchanges have shitty pricing in comparison, even on BTC (focusing on BTC here since it’s best for <M5 trading)

Keeping the above in mind and only sticking with limit orders makes <M5 trading very actionable

@tradertuur @MrCustomSuit Not saying a lot of the LTF PA traders actually do this (the legit ones mostly do BTC, indices and FX for LTF)

Not worth it for alts at all imo, like you pointed out

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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