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4 Things to Do With Your Crypto Friday

Hey y'all. Reliable & Solid resources are hard to come by in Crypto (especially for newbies) so I'm going to be sending a thread every week of the top ones in the past week. Here are 4 to get your week going: 🧵

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How to be internet famous and anon at the same time. The WSJ catching up with me or what?

How to Be Internet Famous and Anonymous at the Same TimeHow to Be Internet Famous and Anonymous at the Same Time

State of Solana NFTs - who knows where they're heading next?

The Block Research on TwitterThe Block Research on Twitter

Credit Suisse: what happened and their implications. @goodalexander with his A** analysis as always:

Alex Good on TwitterAlex Good on Twitter

4 Books to read to get shit done:


on point as always!

Edgy - The DeFi Edge 🗡️ on TwitterEdgy - The DeFi Edge 🗡️ on Twitter
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