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Scam Project: $zenith Does Not Trust Its Own Project?

1-) I've been following this project since zenith release, attention to investors, it's definitely a scam project BTC BNB EthereumMerge Web3

2-) I never comment badly on good projects. According to fundamental analysis and concrete data, the zenith project is constantly teaming up and selling the goods in its own wallet, it has a falling graph every day. BNB BNBChain BTC Coinbase Crypto

3-) Why zenith does not trust the scam project team and empty the wallet for months.

Vietnamese VC is buying investment and defrauding.

They make a fund agreement from investor companies, companies cancel . BNB eth BTC BTCUSDT

4-) Why should investors trust and invest in this project when zenith does not trust its own project?

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to fraudulent teams. In this way, I emphasize the prevalence and importance of cyber security projects.BNB BTC TREASURE Coinbase

I'm not sharing zenith maliciously in any way.

I provide information to future investors.

Check the zenithchain site to information on the data. Twitter, telegram, followers and likes are all bot project scam project please research and decide BTC

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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