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Bitcoin Mining is a Game Changer for Energy and Mining

Great article by @WSzamosszegi

If you are interested in energy and/or BITCOIN mining, it's worth a read for sure. I believe the distinction between these two industries will fade in time. BTC is energy after all.

"So long as storing electricity is an extremely costly endeavor, matching supply and demand will continue to be an issue with America’s energy grid. Fortunately, Bitcoin mining has emerged as the solution."

For a little context, I've worked in the energy generation industry for 20+ years (Nuke, Solar Thermal and Hydro). He does a solid job making this information consumable for people who aren't industry insiders, yet keeping it accurate.

The "Smart grid" improvements will help, but I wholeheartedly believe that demand side load control through BTC mining operations is a game changer for grid reliability and GreenEnergy adoption. Smart grid tech will further enable this idea.

True GreenEnergy dominance is currently restrained by energy storage technology. Better energy storage tech is needed in order to make the naturally intermittent nature of green energy sources more consistently profitable. There are a lot of smart people working on this.

I have no doubt these solutions will evolve and become exponentially cheaper over the years just as PV solar panels have in the last decade. It's just a matter of time.

Bitcoin mining as a demand side load control will act as a stop gap, allowing us to scale up green energy sources in excess of "normal" grid demand, and being capable of coming off line when grid demand (or generation limits) put stress on the grid, which can impact reliability.

I was able to have a chat with the President of @sazmining a couple weeks ago. Take a listen to that here if you would like.

A conversation with Sazmining President and COO, Kent HalliburtonA conversation with Sazmining President and COO, Kent Halliburton

I have also decided to use @sazmining for my personal sustainable energy BITCOIN mining endeavors. If you're interested in doing the same, here is my link. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have from my customer based experience.

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