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BREAKING: US Currency Due to ‘Extremely Decelerating’ Assets Could Fall

(1/17) This is an EMERGENCY🚨 for people using a DCA, Hodl, or staking strategy. The crypto & BTC market is going to FALL dramatically ⚠️

(2/17) My overall goals for this post 🥅 1. Give new crypto traders a positive experience in this market (help them make money)💰 2. Predict the direction of the market from a quantitative perspective 📉 3. Show trading & cash flow opportunities to make money NOW 💵

(3/17) A recession will take all “risk on” assets lower. Yes, Cryptocurrency is considered a “risk on" asset.

(4/17) If we are indeed in a recession then this is an environment for “risk off” assets, unfortunately, crypto will NOT do well (for now).

Proof we are in a recession 👇🏽

(5/17) Key 🔑 Candlesticks = SPX Blue Line = Effective Federal Funds Rate Gray vertical lines = Past recessions

(6/17) Things to note 📑 1. SPX has SIGNIFICANTLY more liquidity that crypto, if the SPX is considered “risk on” so is crypto.

(7/17) 2. Effective Federal Funds Rate - The rate that the borrowing institution pays to the lending institution is determined between the two banks; the rate for all of these negotiations is the EFFR. 👶🏽 In simple terms - the cost of sharing liquidity between banks.

(8/17) 3. Notice that after every significant spike we have a recession when the Funds Rate flips to the downside. ⬇️ (Refer to red arrows)

(9/17) 4. I don’t know when the Funds rate will flip but it’s pretty accurate throughout history. The Grey vertical box is US recessions (Refer to next picture)

(9/17) Once more thing to note 📓

If you average out the past 5 percentage drops of the SPX you get.

📉34.53% 📉57.97% 📉51.36% 📉20.84% 📉29.91% 📉50.17% 📉38.76%

The average decline of 👉🏽 40.50% We are currently down 👉🏽 23.43%

(10/17) Do I think the SPX is going to decline more? Yes, I think this market drop will be more devastating than any recession we have experienced in a while considering this. 👇🏽


❌ As of August 2022, it costs 677.6 billion to maintain the debt, which is 12.66% of the total federal spending.


❌ Consumer prices are up 9.1 percent over the year ended June 2022, the largest increase in 40 years.

(13/17) ❌ Since January 2020, the United States has printed almost 80% percent of all U.S. dollars that exist.

(14/17) ⚠️This is real please WAKE UP⚠️

But what does this have to do with BTC & Crypto?

Well, we know that Bitcoin liquidity determines where the market goes.


👉🏽 Risk on ⬆️ Bitcoin ⬆️ Altcoins ⬆️ 👉🏽 Risk on ⬇️ Bitcoin ⬇️ Altcoins ⬇️

(15/17) Technically Bitcoin has only experienced one recession & it was created after the Financial crisis of 2007–2008. (Refer to the red arrow on the image) Bitcoin dropped 57.58% in that month.

(16/17) Combine that with the fact that the Bitcoin Halving event is 1.5 years away. (Will explain in future posts)

❌ There is no way we have reached the bottom yet

(17/17) This post has 1/10 the amount of information you will get in the video I'm dropping this weekend.

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Thank you for reading!🙏🏽

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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