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Here’s What He Thinks about Bitcoin, $BTC, $ETH and More

1/9 Heard of @RayDalios recent announcement? Yes, one of the most influential investors of our times has given control over his empire.

In light of this recent news, let's remember his opinions on crypto, BTC, ETH and more!

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2/9 Before getting into our topic, let's briefly remember who Ray Dalio is. Long story short, he is probably the biggest investor since 1975 (Forgive us, Warren).

He's the founder and ex-CEO of one of the biggest hedge funds in the world: Bridgewater Associates.

3/9 Wow, serious guy this Ray Dalio. Not only because of his firm's achievements but also for his personal ones. He is the author of a few great books, you should definitely read his "Principles"

So, what did this giant investor have to say on cryptocurrency? Let's find out!

4/9 Back in 2020, the ex-CEO of Bridgewater Associates raised some concerns about Bitcoin.

He tweeted that BTC is too volatile to be a great store of wealth. The cryptocommunity wasn't too happy about that.

5/9 Fast-forward to 2021, Ray actually changed his mind. Here's a quote of his to animate his beliefs.

"It has been an amazing accomplishment for Bitcoin to have achieved what it has done"

Yeah, BTC did achieve something, ain't it?)

6/9 Also in 2021, Ray started to invest in Ethereum.

"I believe in blockchain technology ... it has earned credibility."

Here's another quote of his.

He was still expressing concerns about the probability of getting banned by the government. He didn't know the power of DeFi.

7/9 Fast-forward to 2022, Ray has completely changed his mind.

He claims that BTC and other cryptocurrencies are "digital gold". He's invested in Ethereum and Bitcoin. However, only 5-7% of his portfolio consists of crypto.

The cryptocommunity has shown him the path!

8/9 Lastly, he's advocating buying crypto instead of holding cash. "Cash is trash", says Ray Dalio. Also, one of his decisions at Bridgewater was to back a crypto fund. Although it is a tiny piece of their 140B AUM, it's still something.

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