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$BTC, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin: Price Trends for the Week Ahead

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On the verge of breaking out of macro diagonal resistance formed since ATH

Typically, signals the start of a counter-trend retracement of the larger degree move - or in other words, "bear market rally"

Possible targets over the next monthsπŸ‘‡πŸ§΅


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Conservatively speaking, if we're to just see a pullback of the 48k -> 17.5k move,

The most ideal region w/ a *LOT* confluence would be somewhere between 28k-32k~


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That 28-30k~ level was this last cycles 'generational support', pumping us to new ATHs the 2 times we touched it

Now we're below & it'll act as resistance, but a push back up, even for a "bearish retest", would still be a near +50% from here


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Fib levels are also very helpful for retracement targets. When I use them, I typically look at the 0.5 or the 0.618

In this case, the 0.5 fib @32k holds the most weight having confluence w/ upper range resistance of that the 28k-32k~ range


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Now, if we're looking at a pullback of the *entire* move down from ATHs, we can aim a *lot* higher

To preface, these only become worth looking at if/when we flip above that 28k-32k~ resistance cluster

Regardless, let's get into it


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Assuming we've flipped that 28-32k level, my immediate focus turns to 50k as there's a lot of confluence

1) Remains an untested level (the drop from

48k -> 17.5k fell short of 50k~) 2) .618 'golden ratio' fib 3) Psychological resistance


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Now let's look at this macro degree range

Most of the elite traders who caught and sold the top did so after observing the failed breakout and how price deviated+reclaimed the range

Obvious in hindsight, but hard to see it when euphoric


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That said, if a slight bearish deviation+reclaim resulted in a 'bear market' & a nearly -80% drop...

What happens when we get a *bullish* deviation+reclaim after accumulating below it for nearly half a year?


BTC/USD btc bitcoin

Conservatively, we could at least expect a push up to the mid range @ 47k

More hopefully, looking back at the past 2 times, this lower range support resulted in a bounce to 60-70k... so something similar could happen again


BTC/USD btc bitcoin

So yea... kinda hard to say w/o feeling weird about it, but a reclaim of 28k-32k~ *could* end up resulting in the bottom being in w/ new ATHs on the cards

but that's just far out hopium for now, just worth being aware of


On a final note,

- Not calling bottom. I don't know when that will happen & will most likely be in hindsight anyway - The move from ATH down took almost a year, so if/when we do get a "bear market rally", it could play out over a longer period of time (months, 1/2 year)


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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