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I Have to Give Up This Halloween Game…Part 2

My last monthly report.


sad day when I have to give up this game, way of life, that I have been a part of his November 2021.

I will be missing my first Halloween event.

coinhuntworld chw sadfish crypto btc play2earn eth /1

I was forced to make this decision by Bill's decision to not honor the payments players earned during cubie air.

Most know the situation and the facts and have made their decisions already so I won't harp on it but I felt I could not support him or his project anymore /2

To those who always stood by me even when you disagreed with me. thank you.

To my close friends thank you for the good times, i'm still here, say hi. To my fellow mainiacs keep up the good fight, yellow vault by the year 2300! To the UK hunters, you guys are awesome! /3

Time to focus on my work and family which this game so easily sucks time away from. Everyone keep your priorities focused, a business does not care about you and the drip we get is not worth the time if it takes from what really matters. Keep a balance. Best to all, Phoenix out/4

For anyone still reading or curious, here is Kandi and my total take from CHW /5

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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