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Fighting for H4 Trends – CoinFury vs. Crypto


Fight for the H4 trends, must hold for continuation of until end of the week.

Some great confluence, H4 almost reset, but if we fail to hold these confluence.. Press F.

Crypto rapidly need to find some momentum, the window to pump is getting shorter and shorter.

Some more detailed thoughts, reminder of main goals, focuses, levels and trends discussed in a different thread earlier today:

It's mostly repetition of content past few weeks but yeah, same plan still valid for now.

Bierre on TwitterBierre on Twitter

@inmkwl Lately discussed it here:

Bierre on TwitterBierre on Twitter

@inmkwl Initially/clearly discussed here:

Bierre on TwitterBierre on Twitter

Focus on alts I'm short/looking to build short until next week are alts that: - Are below D1 downtrend and can't get back above despite recent momentum, - Are below D1 significant levels (recently lost important support for example), - Don't have incoming event/narrative.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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