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Ways to Apply for a Web3 JOBS: Web3 Space


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Web3 Space is a very wide space and also has a lot of job opportunities but the most required job in the Web3 Space includes NFT Social Media and community Manager, content

writers and editors, Blockchain developer, Graphic designer, Frontend and Backend Engineer, Media reporter, Growth Marketing Manager and lots more...

Here are some tips you should know before applying for any web3 job especially in DeFi.

It is important that you know what DeFi is all about before you even think of applying for job? Everything you need to know is summarized here by @zaqueen

O M A on TwitterO M A on Twitter

I assume you now know what DeFi is about, Lets get Started!!!

__**Choose your area of interest in the space and focus on it Web3 is a very wide space so choose a special Category and focus on it Don't be jack of all trades master of none,

Focus on one or two(Max) jobs so that you can get really good at it. It doesn't matter if you're doing 10 jobs altogether if you can't do at least one effectively out of the ten then you've failed but if you only focus on one and you're really good at it then you've achieved

a goal. Though you can try all and know that one that best works for you then stick to it.

__**Look out for job on projects or area that match your interest.

Don't apply for a job on projects that are not your area of interest just for the purpose of making money you're doing yourself because it'll get more difficult and boring but when it's the area of your interest

you'd even be motivated to learn more about it and do more research as well to get better at it

__**Get involved with the community of the project you wish to work with.

one of the best ways to get a job in DeFi is to get involved with the community,

don't enter a community today and start applying for job immediately, take your time to read about the projects, go through their Whitepaper, Visions, Mission, Roadmap and other necessary informations, go through their channels and engage in their chats in their General channel

and other necessary channels...Ask questions, be curious and most especially be a problem solver if needed those things really matters

__**Join relevant Discord servers and follow industry leader(s) of the project on Twitter.

Most developer reviews your engagement in their post on their Social media Community before looking to hire you and you know what it means if he can't find any of your engagement in the Community

__**Make your Application/Resume short and detailed This is also very important because little or no developer would want to read your story so giving a 40lines of pitch is not a bright idea make it short but detailed....

note that your experience and the project you've worked with in the past Is important as well as your level of skills, tell them the value you'd add to their project

__**Volunteer first (seek knowledge and experience) You must be willing to volunteer because most devs are always looking for volunteers they can work with because of their low budget. You can use that as a leverage and work with them for free, with that you'd gain experience,

If you want to be a Community Manager Volunteer to manage a community,,, then you'll gain the needed experience. They are actually paying but they don't know because the experience you'd gain is priceless so you have nothing to loose but more to gain.

Then you can apply for a payed role and you'd have little challenges or difficulty because you've actually experienced it while you volunteered.....

Goodluck guys... 👌🏻

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This post is based on this twitter thread.


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