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What Makes People Happy in Life?

Whilst the market moves sideways before BTC does a quick pump,

let me ask you a deep question:

A question that I actually asked myself which really shifted my perspective in a positive way:

What is going to make you happy in life?

For me I instinctively answered with marriage + having kids + big house + my own jet + having a


And then I stopped myself and the other part of my brain jumped in and asked me:

How do you know that?

You’ve never had those things,

so how do you know those things are going to make you happy?

Either your COMPARING it to other people and what you’ve seen,

or your creating a romanticised image of that in your mind,

of what those things will be like and what those things will bring you.

But there’s actually no evidence.

So once I took all that away I then asked myself:

so what’s going to make you happy in life?

And my answer was I don’t know.

And that exact answer is what made me TAKE opportunities instead of seeing them as risks.

No one knows what makes us happy, till we experience it!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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