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A Boyfriend Calls a “Dear NFT” on Crypto: “I Wish I Was’s Bitcoin”

Today I had a very interesting conversation with a street neighbor of mine, who I thought had no knowledge about crypto BTC, ETH, BNB and so on but I got shocking findings afterwards

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Now if you reached here that means you Are interested to know more and thats good but at least like and RT♻️ someone you know might like 🤷 it too ☺❤ 🔰 So there's this man I always talk to in my street and he's always asking me to teach him how to make,market and sell an NFT

Which everyday I'd tell him to come up with his Art, list on @opensea and market on TwitterSpaces and hope that someone loves and buy his art

Which is literally the default market strategy for NFTartists in the NFTCommunity

So today October 6th 2022 to be precise, I was taking a blunt 420Life outside with a friend of mine when he passed us coming back from work but he walked back to us seeing that I was there and he was eager to talk to me about something crypto related

And this is because am known in my community to be into NFT big time Lols, I wish I was😭🤣 Lols

Anyways this is a very important message for all BTC /cryptocurrencies maxis 📢🔔


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Back to the Convo 👀🕯

So he came up to me and said " Alex do you know that by next year cryptomarket would have not seen the end of bear season "

And he was so serious and hell bent on the idea of bull season is never coming for the crypto market

Now when I asked him why he'd think of such an opinion then he said " sell the rumor and buy the news "

Lols I was like 👀

I had a short smile and told him " I am never buying your rumor neither am I selling your news "

And after a couple banter I found out that he still doesn't know about crypto but paid money to attend a seminar where the only thing he understood was SELL THE RUMOR BUY THE NEWS

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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