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The Time to Move $btc to 140K Bitcoins – Why?

The time has come to think this is very unlikely....the move to 140K in January would have to be vertical from here.....It was a possibility at the time but now Ive got a new idea for btc ........

Its still possible it was a the top in April 2021 was a wave 3 but it looks like we are making an expanded 5th wave like this if wave 4 has gone into the territory of wave 1

Here it is on the btc chart in log and also linear

The bottom target and date is between Nov 4th-15th with a price target of 8500 for btc......but the funny thing is the 4th wave target is still the same of about 140K

The time of November is not random. I predicted a bottom for sol then around 5 months ago...

TraderJones on TwitterTraderJones on Twitter

Plus predicted a ltc bottom in November 1 month ago......

TraderJones on TwitterTraderJones on Twitter

These predictions on ltc and sol were at a time when I was bullish on btc but still looked at the charts of the 2 objectively and used my knowledge of time and price to confirm a bias for each.

Id seen the possibility of a low in November on the chart for btc over a week ago.....Ive been pretty quiet lately as there was not much to say until a break up or down

TraderJones on TwitterTraderJones on Twitter

For the next few days I think we have a possibility of the harmonic playing out I shared yesterday for btc

After that my bias will be down to new lows for btc. Im always glass half full person and feel positive if this happens as after we then finally get a bull run.

Error 5th wave target is 140k lol not the 4th

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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