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Hola Skulls: A PFP Collection Project on the Blockchain

Hola Skulls!

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X-Skull is a PFP Collection project on the Stacks

blockchain. Every skulls is a non generative, digitally hand-drawn, exclusive 1/1, each is unique and no rarity.

A set of digital packs will be given as a bonus after successfully collecting a Skull. I'll try to contact the collector via a Twitter DM/Discord/announcement tweet, but if I can't find the contact info, I hope the collector contact us.

I won't reach out to collectors from the secondary market to receive digital packages, but if collectors contact me, I'm very happy to send them.

69 skulls will be auctioned every week and 50% of the auction proceeds will be returned to the community.

And many utilities will be obtained by the holders.

So don't miss it and get yours!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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