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Opinion: Do Not Follow the Whales and Market Makers

A thread 🧵on why should you rely on your own research and technical analysis and not follow big influencers like @CryptoCapo_ while trading BTC?

1. BTC is a high-market-cap and high-volume asset that cannot be manipulated by retail. Big whales or market makers, on the other hand, can use it to their advantage for stop-loss hunting, i.e., by taking the price until the retail stop-loss.

2. The whales or market makers know who many people follow. In fact, they themselves are market-makers the majority of the time.

Do you really think the whales will still act the way the influencers want them to? Whales and MM need the retail money.

Influencers like CryptoCapo telling people that 21k is in the works makes the stops go higher! So the price either falls before that, creating a bull trap for those expecting 21,000, or it rises to 22,000, taking the stop loss of those who shorted at 21000, and then falls!

3. The same thing happened when CryptoCapo asked everyone to go long with a stop-loss at 18.5K. The makers took the market to 18100, hunting all retail stops and then went up to 20,500.

I hope this makes sense and everyone starts learning Technical analysis rather than following others and getting REKT. @EmperorBTC has posted a lot of real-life-based trading material for FREE! I would recommend it if you want to learn TA and not get REKT from others' analysis!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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