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Miami Ape Yacht Club Establishes a New Community Council

What is the BAYC Council? What do they do? Super interesting info! Read the 🧵

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You’ve heard us say this before, but Bored Ape Yacht Club wouldn't be where it is today without our community. Apes are some of the most innovative folks in Web3.

We could have never imagined that in such a short amount of time we’d see Ape TV shows, clothing, themed restaurants, food trucks, beverages, hot sauce, jewelry, music videos, and more.

But as Yuga grows, community projects reach new heights, and Apes continue to emerge in pop culture, it’s important that we don’t lose sight of what makes BAYC so special – the people and the supportive energy.

To help the community grow and thrive, we’ve assembled a new community council made up of Apes with a proven track record of proactively and positively contributing to the club since the start.

This council was formed with the intention of representing the club at large and providing an avenue for new perspectives.

This council will likely grow over time, but for now we’re excited to start with these 7 outstanding Apes:








We see the community council as a critical part in helping Yuga Labs shape the future of BAYC. To that end, here’s what the council will be focused on initially:

Feedback: Council members were chosen, in part, because they already have been proactive leaders in the BAYC community. They are constantly present in the community, talking to other members, attending meetups and more.

This council gives them a forum to provide community feedback to us directly. Giving back: The council will work with Yuga and the BAYC/MAYC community to uplift community-driven initiatives such as commercial projects, meetups, charitable giving, and other community-led ideas.

Council autonomy: The BAYC/MAYC community is an autonomous bunch, and this council represents that – they’ll be bringing their various skill sets with ideas to the table, and we’ll work with them to make the best ideas reality.

Every Ape in our community has directly impacted our decision-making from day one. This council, and future councils to come, puts a more formal, efficient and consistent process in place for Yuga leadership to get community feedback and advice on an ongoing basis.

We are also exploring the evolving needs of our other Yuga NFT communities – CryptoPunks, Meebits, and Otherside. Stay tuned for more about those.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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