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Mass Adoption: A Q1 Question for Mass Adoption 👇

My 1 question for mass adoption 👇

If you have answers please let me know!

Its comical for Bitboy to say traditional markets do not correlate with BTC

They actual correlate this year over 83% of the time. “Outright lie” to say they don’t..

So….⬇️ cryptocurrencies

Total Crypto cap hit just over 3 Trillion. For us to hit 5-10 T there will be two things.

1. “Mass Adoption”

This will include more money from traditional finance..

If we already follow the StockMarket in a bear market, how will a bull run be?

BTC & SPX today…⬇️

In bullruns it’s fair to say we “separate” or “outperform”, but you can rest assure the DXY needs to behave.

So if trillions flow in from the evil stonks would the correlation get worse?

That’s a huge question, but there’s another part..⬇️


2. Regulation

This is far more important than mass adoption, because it leads to mass adoption.

You have to pick your poison though.

Currently it is risky to hold billions even in USDT , that’s why regulation is targeting stablecoins

If you had…⬇️


Billions would you buy tether and stake it right now? I wouldn’t!

So the “Trillions” are sitting on the sidelines waiting for the correct structure to be in place.

The waters have been tested and plans are set.

If the plan..⬇️

Goes into action then we see regulation, which leads to trillions, which leads to mass adoption, which leads to Fortune 500 companies actually using Blockchain

But what about the correlation?

All I know.. ⬇️


I want to be with regulation friendly altcoins

The correlation is strong and growing every day. We still outperform 3:1 conservatively on upside.

The next bull run may look different, it may not include meme crazed SHIBARMY people

This will be built on..

Utility that was built correctly or “compliant”

crypto reacts more to CPI data than stonks

As decentralized as we want to be, it seems the mass adoption makes that very complicated.

No one knows..⬇️

Exactly how this plays out. BTC has never broken a previous bull run high, or dealt with real inflation.

It’s also never followed stocks so closely.

I’ll stick with regulation friendly alts knowing there’s a storm coming…⬇️

The storm will shake many people out of thousands of alts, but those people will still want skin in the game.

I’m betting on lcx, qnt, dag, for starters

What are you doing to prepare?

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