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Here’s What Kondux Is Going to Tell You About Kondlens’ Future

1/8 The Disclosure Collection of customisable 3D alien avatars is about to blow the lid off what Kondux KNDX technology can deliver

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2/8 There is a case of serious sleeping 😴 💤 on this project

Thankfully NVIDIA have realised the potential of Kondux KNDX and accepted them onto their Inception programme.

How many other crypto-based projects have achieved this? (KNDX is 1.5m mc)

Kondux Web3 Design Lab Joins NVIDIA InceptionKondux Web3 Design Lab Joins NVIDIA Inception

3/8 What’s special about the Disclosure Collection from Kondux KNDX ?

✅ 256 bit DNA gene protocol ✅ Updatable by metadata push ✅ designed to morph into countless iterations

✅ Metaverse Interoperable ✅ AR/VR/XR Compatible

I could go on but you get the point

4/8 You can read more about the Disclosure Collection from Kondux KNDX here:

Kondux Disclosure kNFT Collection 1 Dynamic NFT TechnologyKondux Disclosure kNFT Collection 1 Dynamic NFT Technology

5/8 But Kondux KNDX are not defined by a single kNFT project. Their revolutionary technology will support future collections from Kondux and also collaborations with other artists, brands and manufacturers

The potential here is HUGE

6/8 Kondux KNDX have also built a 3D NFT marketplace dAPP which will launch next month

✅ 3D NFT Viewport and Gallery ✅ Buy-Sell-Mint-Trade ✅ ERC-721 and ERC-1155 ✅ Gaming + Collectables + Art + Music

7/8 Kondux KNDX are also building in Sandbox, Decentraland and Cryptovoxels

Heck, they already have a fully developed Sandbox game

8/8 TLDR: Kondux KNDX is a future blue-chip sitting at 1.5m mc. It’s going to blow up very soon. Be early.

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