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Daily Altcoin Market Update: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, ETC, Cardano

Daily NFT/Crypto Market Update 10/8/2022 | A Thread 🧵🧵🧵


Yet again crypto saw small losses that were reflected by the two large cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. BTC is down to 19.5k while ETH is nearing 1.3k again. Bearish sentiment in the market.

1/ NFTs have been the inverse, however, seeing good success and lots of potential for profit. We are seeing low-cost plays get lots of volume and plays are moving really quick.

2/ Degen/free mint of the day: THIS IS MURICA NFT

@ThisIsMuricaNFT is a 4444 supply collection that saw decent volume today. With over 3300 sales on secondary, this has given traders good profits as the current floor sits at 0.025 ETH.

3/ @ThisIsMuricaNFT depicts American stereotypes in a Southpark styled art. This looks to be a completely degen play, however, the volume has been there so profits have followed. With good sales tomorrow, this has potential.


@STREETMACHINE1 is an 8k project that minted out at 0.025 ETH each. This immediately saw good volume with over 5600 sales on secondary and a current floor of 0.06 ETH. Street Machine is a story driven project created by famous artist SpenzerG.

5/ This @STREETMACHINE1 combines anime, cyberpunk, and sci-fi together to create an online graphic novel. This is something to watch as it has had some great partnerships and good attention.


CloneX saw some major volume today with over 150 sales on secondary thanks to the Project Animus video. This announced Project Animus for 2023, but also mentioned an EggDrop for Clones happening sometime in November.

7/ Airdrops always lead to good volume and sales leading up to it, so this was expected attention towards CloneX which has been quiet as of recent. Expensive project but worth looking out for.


@degenheim is running their Degenesis fair auction right now for the top 250 bidders. This is a little premint for Degenheim that rewards early supporters with legendary loot airdrops as well as a free mint. Degenheim is an NFT game project that

9/ has been building its rep for a while in the space. They @degenheim recently hosted a huge tournament too that a bunch of high profile projects participated in. Keep an eye on how this goes.


With the NFT market giving loads of investors opportunities for profit, it is important to remember to protect yourself first. Especially with these degen plays, pump and dumps are happening all the time so remember to

11/ profit aggressively, set price targets, and don't let your emotion control your actions. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend Kings! Follow if you enjoyed! 💵👑

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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