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‘Time Will Tell Us About Bitcoin’s Key, Says ‘Dentrillion-Dollar’ Creator

Q: Why do millions of people trust Bitcoin ?

A: Because it's secure and decentralized. Satoshi knew BTC needed to be turing-incomplete to achieve that.


Q: Why then did @VitalikButerin make Ethereum turing-complete?

A: He made a trade-off to unleash the potential of blockchain technology. DeFi and NFTs proves he was right.


Q: Is there a middle ground between the design philosophies of Bitcoin and Ethereum?

A: Sure, we see it with Cosmos, Polygon, SOLANA, NEAR and so on. All made different trade-offs against the Blockchain Trilemma


Q: Who made the right trade-off? How would we even know?

A: The Quadrillion-dollar question. All or many could be right, or maybe no one is. We will get the answer when Blockchain technology has already changed everything.


Q: What trade-offs did @SPEARProtocol make?

A: Decentralization is the key, we max it like Bitcoin. We then push security and scalability as hard as we can using ideas and tech that Satoshi didn't have access to in his time.

Time will tell.


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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