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Crypto Market Forming an Ascending Triangle


For the second time in half a year, the Market is forming an Ascending Triangle.

I believe together they are the components of a Macro Bottom, which eventually will be followed by one of the wildest and biggest adoption phases for Blockchain ever.

BTC crypto

Even more companies, more countries, more governments will choose to adapt to this Financial and Technological Revolution as soon as things start turning around again.

Even if an Economic Recession is only just getting started, Gold, Silver, Real Estate and Bitcoin (which is Deflationary in the long term) are your best bets for the coming years.

Only once before has Crypto been in Accumulation (a tight Range) longer than this, in 2015.

Only once before has been there a longer window to Accumulate and fill your bags, and going back to 2015 is not an option.

What are you doing with the historic opportunity you have right now?

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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