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With Quantum Computers #btc is Death – Quickly.

With Quantum Computers btc is death 🧵

1/6 Breaking the cryptographic algorithm in the Bitcoin network to gain access to our Private keys is estimated to take eternity years, as you need to keep guessing for estimatedly 10(77zeros) times.

2/6 The reverse engineering to reverse this : Private Key > Public Key > Addresses. Is Near impossible, even if you gather Billions of humans to generate Private keys per second.

3/6 As technology advances with AI and progressing into quantum computers era, Blockchain/ Bitcoin technology believes are mocked as with the power of quantum computing and complexity, the cryptography behind it can easily to ruined or break-in with zero effort.

4/6 No one is loud enough with the advancement on the part of Bitcoin Dev. True the

code isn't editable on the Bitcoin network, regardless there's a fork possibility.

With a simple soft fork, the Bitcoin network can gain the needed updated security needed again attacks.

5/6 With script versioning capabilities or other upgrade functionality, Bitcoin Blockchain can get the needed quantum guard.

6/6 While you're afraid, counter your fear with the fact that technology isn't static from any end.



This post is based on this twitter thread.


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