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How to Get Whitelisted for Any NFT

How to get whitelisted for any Nft project A thread

Follow up as you engage Getting whitelisted gives you a spot to get nfts cheap or free before they are sold out nd help minimize the rate of gas fees To get whitelisted,do these things 👇 crypto defi Web3 NFT airdrop btc

1. Be early Whitelist works if the projects has not been launched. You can follow some nft expert,YouTube expert or use

to know this Projects

The mint price for bored ape was 0.08 eth,now even the least cost 100 eth. imagine if you had been whitelisted

Join their channels and stay engaged Be it Discord, telegram, Twitter join,and be engaging. Discord is where the main things happen Whitelist are offered to people who add value and support the project To get noticed,get into good conversation with others,tweet about the project

Invite people By doing this you are getting noticed by the team themselves A lot of nft project appreciates this

Bring people means bringing more buyers ,send out your unique invite code to your community and friends If you are getting value already hit

follow up for more.

Be creative and participate in giveaways Making the nft logo your profile picture can be very helpful or creating stuffs related to the project Also participate in giveaways. You can be asked to share,tweet, retweet for a chance to get whitelisted

Take advantage of the giveaways

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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