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I Regret Using BTCESSESS to Create a Bitcoin School

Yeah - this is me.

As proponents for bitcoin our first lesson is to be kind and gentle with each other and appreciate that the ultimate aim of Bitcoin is to include everyone and we are all at different stages of our btc journey.


Bitcoin maximalism is not the goal - reinventing the financial system with btc so it is fairer and more inclusive world for everyone is.

So, how did I end up in this Celsius mess?

Well, if you don’t know already, the catalyst for starting the Bitcoin Jungle project was me creating a school here in 🇨🇷 that would run on the bitcoin standard.

In order to build the school I needed . As I only have Bitcoin in savings the only way to build the school was by borrowing and using my btc for collateral.

Certainly I regret using Celsius today, and I was bewitched by the low interest rates. But my motivation was pure.

We were furthering the mission of bitcoin, teaching the community about bitcoin and sparking the flame of bitcoin adoption in Costa Rica.

I even engaged @coryklippsten in the early stages of his warnings asking him not to be alarmist.

I even made a plan to pay off my loans

But, I’m by nature an optimists and sat on my plans a week too long. For me, I comforted myself with the thought that I could always pay off my loans at any minute, what suckered everyone was that many of us were being responsible borrowers but @CelsiusNetwork was not.

The ramifications for me now, is that I desperately need to do do more expansion of our school and have no access to to build more classrooms. Do I really trust any platform to borrow from? I don’t want to sell my btc

We all go backwards with this Celsius collapse. So revelling in others bad choices is mean and not helpful.

So, why should I tell you my story? The reason is, having seen people share this leaked info, and wrong people like @BitcoinErrorLog being accused, it gives me a strong urge to ask people in the space to be KIND to each other.

People involved in this leak are real people.

Human beings with thoughts, emotions and dreams. We don’t know what work they’re trying to do behind the scenes.

Each one has a story personal to them. We don’t know their reasons or motivations for being there. We don’t know what good or bad they were trying to do.

So, using their loss to score small Twitter points is not in congruence with the higher ethos of Bitcoin.

Calling yourself a bitcoiner is not about being a hardcore maximalists and beasting on others

It’s about staying humble, stacking sats and being KIND!

We’re all gonna make it eventually if we believe and work hard on bitcoin.


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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