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The Biggest Bull Trap Before the Final Bang

By the way.....

But...I still sense a bull trap before an ultimate boom. Various Reasons (2)

Am I in any trade? Yep, I just entered. Risking a little on the upcoming scam pump; will be out of the market with small gains.

Anyhow, we're going down.


Main reason is we didn't hit 20.5k, which would have liquidated many shorts.

That's exactly the same case for 18k. The price went so close to 18k, but it didn't hit 20B worth of liquidations. Why's that? It's not enough.


Btw, 20.5k wouldn't be just for liquidations. It's a useless amount. It's to trap more bulls & liquidate at 18k and below.

"But don't long/buy, okay? Our main box hit; that's all we cared about. Current is just training. So just sit, relax, and wait for the bottom."


PS. First thing first, I don't recommend any longs or spot buys here. Just wait for the ultimate blow and invest long-term for potential gains.

Simple Strategy you can copy:


(i) Once we hit the bottom targets on my selected alts (I don't care about BTC bottom), I'll deploy 80% of my capital all in or may DCA if I'd have enough time. 20% is for other things, as mentioned in the last thread.


(ii) At a local top (mid-term, not short-term), I "may" sell my holdings and DCA at a lower price.


(iii) Trading is stressful. That's why I think I'm much better in terms of investment & macro-analysis rather than intraday. All my predictions hitting doesn't mean I know all or am the best; no one is. So I won't recommend anyone following me except for educational purpose.


One thing I've learned in the space is u can't make it following others. I've only heard (met only 1) about 0.0001% of people who have made enough following others; that's a gamble, right? So, educate yourself & create your own "value". It'll take time, but will be worth it.


If anyone wants to do some other business outside the crypto space. DMs are always open for help, advice, and even partnerships (in or outside crypto). I'm building different use-case products with potential teams in different spaces. My goal is to build the best network, wh


...which should be yours too. Network is the key to success in any business.

And I didn't need to mention it, lol, but:

"I don't need your money OR AN EMPLOYEE." I always love to have partners, rather it be a small or large business, but it must be scalable.

Good day!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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