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What is a Good Good Bag of Safemoon?

What is a good bag of Safemoon?

To estimate this we could look at the current price, today the price of 1 million safemoon is about 300 dollars but this is not a good way to think. Having 10 BTC

10 years ago was considered small but today...


To try to answer this question we need two elements

The 1st one is the potential of SFM. To date I see one major negative point and several positive points.

The negative point is its reputation which is considered bad and which continues to be sustained.


The positives are the products in the pipeline and the community behind it that remains strong after 18 months of existence.

Many believe that when the products are released investors should come back (the famous delivery curve). (3/8)

In crypto if an idea emerges it can be realized as it is a speculative market.

At the peak there were 3 million wallet created (considering an average of 3 wallets per holder that's 1 million people who know @safemoon )


At the moment with 500K V2 wallet we can estimate the real number of Holders at 150K.

The 2nd important point is the quantity of Safemoon available; To date the Circulating supply is estimated at 477B.


However the quantity that can be bought by an investor at this moment is much less. The latter corresponds to LP of the different exchanges including DEX which is about 42B. The rest corresponds to the quantity of safemoon held by the HOlders and the company. (6/8)

If they don't want to sell they can't be bought.

Imagine now, in the middle of a bullrun, 50K new investors want to buy 1 million safemoon (nothing unrealistic). It is simply impossible if the current holders do not sell.


In conclusion

It all depends on how many investors safemoon will attract in the next bullrun. If you estimate to have 50K new holders then 1 million safemoon will be a well-above average bag. (8/8) SAFEMOONARMY

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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