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Price Analysis: $ETH, Dtc/USD, and Fbtbt

bit of htf btc perspective

main note: had many stabs up into overlapping 2021-now/2022-now points of control that have been rejected

in vacuum wld expect btc to retest range low before poc

however, overall risk environment (equity corr, dxy, yields) will have v large weight

point of control is thin yellow line btw

total for additional perspective--again would like range lows in dark green box


hard to justify a swing from here unless we abt to go heavy risk on for some reason

under 1k potentially decent for mid-term entry

if we are going to be able to move up need some risk on signals--these will be reflected in movements of the dollar (dxy--recall is over 50% just dollar v euro), and yields of usa treasuries (can go deep here but general idea is if yields go up, risk assets like btc/stocks down)

yields on bonds are inverse to their prices--so if a bonds price is up, yield will be down and vice versa

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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