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Futures Academy Offers Free Futures Callouts

CryptoZin Futures Academy 🧵 We, Cryptozin, are known for the best and only server to do free futures callouts.

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Since we got bigger by time more and more servers are copying our calls. So we decides to make a Futures-Academy for everyone who takes futures trading seriously and perhaps wanna make this their full time job in the future 💸

Please keep in mind that the biggest part of learning how to trade is experience, not everything is teachable but we will try our best.

You might ask what does the Futures-Academy has to offer and why should i join? Let me explain this globally for you:

📌Way more daily calls (Swings and Scalps) from the man TK himself. On top of that we even have a call-out team to give you guys even more trades/gains. 📌 Analysis. Why are we hopping in a trade, BTC market outlooks and the latest news/events which is important to keep in mind.

📌A Learn-to-earn channel. Here are multiple courses and lessons posted to give you guys more knowledge of trading and crypto in general. 📌 Live trading sessions 📌Some chat channels to help each other and create a nice community.

📌Risk management. Risk management is really important for us and we will share everything we do as traders to keep the risk as low as possible.

📌You can think of strats, building a spot portfolio with futures gains and google docs to help while trading (tradesheets).

📌 We will also dedicate a lot more time to managing everyone that signs up for this and their account so that we can maximise gains together, I have seen how easy it can be to build wealth, would be cool if we could do it collectively

📌Challenges. We will organise some fun challenges to build our accounts quickly. 📌 Juicy Giveaways (Currently running a referral challenge for a prize pool of 5000) 📌!SOON! copytrading 📌Sheets to help members track their trades, gains and daily goals.


-W/L 253/267

-94.7% green trades -Longest winstreak 97 green trades in a row -Total profit: 6401%

-Total loss: 402%

ACADEMY 2.0 STATISTICS (Still going)

Academy calls Academy calls
Academy Trade JournalAcademy Trade Journal

This is totally voluntary and the rest of the server will keep going as usual

Join the server and DM Josephhaf0001 for more info regarding the period and prices.

Join the CryptoZin Discord Server!Join the CryptoZin Discord Server!
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