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The Best Investment Decision in Q3 2022 Is β€˜Not Bitcoin’

πŸ₯‚ The best investment decision in Q3 2022 is @0xPolygon πŸ”3️⃣ instead of Bitcoin and @Ethereum πŸ“ˆ

MATIC πŸ‘‰ +68%

ETH πŸ‘‰ +25% BTC πŸ‘‰ +0.74%

Let's figure out what happened πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡

@0xPolygon @ethereum 1/ The macroeconomic situation is getting worse and worse

Inflation is predicted to remain high in many parts of the world until the end of 2022, especially in Europe and US.

@0xPolygon @ethereum The Fed raises interest rates by the most in over 20 years to fight inflation.

Interest Rates are rising faster than any other time in recent history πŸ‘‡

@0xPolygon @ethereum The US Unemployment Rate dropped to 3.5%, which will prompt the Fed to keep raising rates.

The Fed's probability of hiking 75 basis points in November is more than 80%.

@0xPolygon @ethereum According to the dot plot chart, the Fed will need to raise 125 basis points to reach 4.25 - 4.5% by the end of 2022.

Thus, risky assets like crypto may be illiquid for a while or continue to sell off.

@0xPolygon @ethereum 2/ Bitcoin On-Chain Data

Investors who have entered the market in the past 2 years are losing money.

@0xPolygon @ethereum The amount of BTC on exchanges is outflowing continuously.

BTC Average Difficulty reaches ATH, which will greatly affect miners if the price continues to fall.

@0xPolygon @ethereum 3/ What makes Polygon became the best choice?

The number of new addresses increased more than the first half of 2022 combined

Polygon Daily πŸ’œ on TwitterPolygon Daily πŸ’œ on Twitter

@0xPolygon @ethereum Although the whole market is bearish, the number of active users on Polygon has reached ATH.

Raphael on TwitterRaphael on Twitter

@0xPolygon @ethereum You guys can see more highlight events on Polygon Ecosystem in my report.

Polygon Daily πŸ’œ on TwitterPolygon Daily πŸ’œ on Twitter

@0xPolygon @ethereum 4/ My projections

The final months of 2022 will be bad for the crypto market coz people become depressed and money is pulled out of risk assets.

Two Fed rate hikes later this year will shape market trends in 2023.

@0xPolygon @ethereum Polygon begins the new quarter by releasing zkEVM public testnet.

The important thing right now is focusing on developing the ecosystem, building infrastructure, and attracting more users.

So, don't focus on price at this time

@0xPolygon @ethereum 5/ Disclaimer

This is the view of @PolygonDaily for reference only and is not investment advice. DYOR

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