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Crypto is the Fight Against Middlemen

Crypto is the fight against middlemen. We all know that. Banks are the worst kind of middlemen, and BTC is doing a hell of a job of shutting them down.

But middlemen are not a problem that is only present within our financial system. They are literally everywhere.

Bitcoin, a incredibly simple protocol, has started this fight just by giving us the ability to hold our own money. Now NFTs arise, with a concept just as simple - owner verification. But it has more power then you can imagine, and I’m not talking animal pictures

Owner verification is nothing special, we‘ve been trying to do it since forever. Signatures, Documents, Verification processes. But it has never been that easy to proof that you own something on a digital chain that you can always access from everywhere. And it has potential!

At the beginning I said that crypto is about the fight against middlemen. Which middlemen is NFTs targeting?

At the moment, almost none. But there is SO much potential. Let me show you a couple of middlemen we could cut out to make the world a better place

Music producers

All they do is sit between the creator and the fans. The creator doesn’t have the equipment to record albums himself, so they offer them their studio for a big big cut of their earnings. Fans get nothing for their support.

Film producers

Similar story as above, with the difference that they have to connect a lot more strings together to make a movie work. In the end they just take the creativity of others and use their money to make more money. Burn the creator out and on with the show

Fine Art Market

Young artists don’t even get a shot unless they are somehow already part of the world. Investors buying and donating art for insane sums just to avoid taxes. Galleries and collectors dictating prices. If there’s not a middlemen hiding in there then call me Hugo.

Book Publishers

How to be a book publisher:

Step 1: have money Step 2: tell others you will print their books

Step 3: print and sell their books for huge profits, but only give them a few cents for every book you sell for 20 Step 4: start with step 1

I am telling you all this so you see the big picture. It’s easy to get lost in a fight against other chains or projects, but that’s not what this is about! It’s us versus middlemen! It’s us for a better future!

We need to innovate, overcome and succeed - and we will!!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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