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Inflation and Shortage: What Do You Think about the Future of Cash3

Picture this about BTC 💭 (1/7)

We are heading right into recession and things around the world are only getting worst 🤒🩸

Traditional stock markets are crashing (meaning people are cashing out their FIAT 💰holding cash thinking that holding cash is the safest option.

But is it?

🫣 (2/7)

Inflation is not going to slow down with what’s happening around the world. Global recession/shortage/war etc. 😕

So the value of your cash you are eventually decreases 📈📉


When people start to realise they have to do something with the cash to keep its value, they start looking out for alternatives and start to realise that countries and governments are slowly learning and moving towards Web3


They realised that crypto is an alternative that’s value, is not manipulatable by a centralised entity. 🏰

That’s when the bridge 🌁of web2 to Web3 starts to happen and mass adoption slowly picks up ⛩ (5/7)

It’s clear to me that crypto DeFi is the future once the traditional world fucks itself bad enough. 🍆

The crypto scene will be swamped with loads of ‘investors’ and when the real revolution of web3 begins.


That’s when BTC will be the world currency and you’d thank yourself for putting in the work now. (7/7)

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What do you think? 🍿

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