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Using #Bitcoin to Inspire Being Paid In Bitcoin

We had a lot of conversations last week about being paid in Bitcoin

1. Selling Online 2. Salary / Wages / Income as BTC

1. SELLING ONLINE Many people have a Wordpress WooComm shop.

Few know they can easily add Bitcoin Lightning⚡️ as a payment option;

~ Quickly ~ Easily ~ Without technical knowledge

I know, it's not the perfect self hosted solution, but adoption, and we need to start somewhere

How to QUICKLY & EASILY add BTC LN⚡️ payments?

Check this thread, essentially it takes the following;

~ WP Plugin ~ @neutronpay account

(KYC Free, Fast, Easy) ~ Connect with API Key ~ Turn on WooComm payment option

Nicki & James in El Salvador 🇸🇻 on TwitterNicki & James in El Salvador 🇸🇻 on Twitter


We receive income as Bitcoin from clients. The client doesn't know b/c they pay USD into a bank account.

We then use a service called @Bitwage to convert and send the funds.

~ Cheaper than a wire transfer ~ Bitcoin income not taxed here

If you would like to try @Bitwage, start setting up your account now, good for individuals and bigger business.

We receive 5 BTC when you make the first transfer.



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Nicki & James Sharing Life & Bitcoin in El SalvadorNicki & James Sharing Life & Bitcoin in El Salvador
Nicki & James in El SalvadorNicki & James in El Salvador
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