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Bitcoin Price Analysis: The Week of March 1-7

BTC continued to fluctuate sideways after falling, and the market volatility was small, with an amplitude of only 2-3 points for several consecutive days. The narrow range of prices also makes the downward movement of the trend channel relatively narrow.

The impact time of the bottom structure at the daily level has come to an end, and there is no probability advantage on how to go in the market outlook. The 4-hour level has no structure, the 2-hour level is in a double bottom structure, and the 1-hour level has no structure

In terms of operation strategy, until there is no new operation standard, wait and see. The price is close to the trend channel, continue to pay attention to the upper track of the channel

As for BTC, it will take more before a trend emerges. That is the choice of the market. The market is always changing, and we can only deal with it with the same rules

When BTC rises sharply, according to the rules, it will not go short; if it falls, it will clear the position after breaking the trend, and it will not be deeply trapped. On the premise of ensuring that no principled mistakes are made, look for definite operational opportunities

If there is no standard for the transaction, or if you are lucky enough not to execute it, the transaction risk is uncontrollable. And unknown risk is often the real enemy of trading

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