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Crypto Trading Outlook: US Dollar To Get Strong, Bitcoin To Get Weak

1. Crypto trading outlook

✅ FOMC meeting ✅ What is CPI ? ✅ Historical data. ✅ How to trade CPI. ✅ Conclusion - US dollar to get stronger and Bitcoin to get weaker.

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2. FOMC meeting.

It's a detailed record of the FOMC's most recent meeting, providing in-depth insights into the economic and financial conditions that influenced their vote on where to set interest rates.

Expecting this to create some volatility in the markets in 2 hours time.

3. What is CPI ?

The Consumer Price Index measures the overall change in consumer prices based on a representative basket of goods and services over time.

🔥 CPI data is the biggest news for this week 🔥

FederalReserve uses this on their inflation containment mandate!

4. Historical data.

The last 5 months have done the following:

PPI same ➡️ CPI greater PPI less ➡️ CPI less PPI greater ➡️ CPI greater

So expecting CPI to be "greater" than forecast tomorrow.

Tomorrow should move the cryptomarkets a lot more than the last few days!

5. How to trade CPI.

📉 A higher than expected reading is positive/bullish for the DXY but bad for Bitcoin and Altcoins.

📈 A lower than expected reading is negative/bearish for the DXY and good for Bitcoin and Altcoins.

6. Conclusion:

Expecting PPI, CPI and FOMC meeting all to suggest increasing interest rates to 75basis in November 2022. DXY US Dollar is in a small up trend and BTC is in a down trend. Expecting Bitcoin to go down to the 17500 area of the wedge pattern.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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