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Bitcoin Love for a Month And a Bounce

๐Ÿธ 19000 โ€” is the level of love for BTC.

For a month now, bitcoin has been in a short price range and does not even try to signal that it is alive. But compared to the fund, the first cryptocurrency is still trying to ignore the external background and is kept above its loyas

Good or bad, we'll see.

Since during this period of time, while we are trading in the current price area, a terribly large number of longs have gained, the advantage over shorts is very noticeable. Will MM take all this crowd upstairs with him? I doubt it very much.

Therefore, globally, a long-squiz is a logical event to be expected.

Locally, there is now a classic situation in the risky asset market, where, indices fall on the eve of the reporting season, and the market is waiting for a negative scenario.

Most often, the situation was mirrored and played back against the expectations and mood of the market. Given all these points, we again find ourselves in a deadlock where uncertainty is the main enemy of investors, traders and cryptants today.

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