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The CPI has Not Moved at All – The Price Has Not Moving At All

btc volume on exchanges has gone up 5 over 24 hrs but the price has not moved at all.

That means someone sold those coins and someone put up the cash to absorb that blow.


Who sold?

That is going to be whales observing that tomorrows CPI numbers are going to be horrific.


Who bought?

That is going to be big buyers like blackrock who can absorb the blow because they underwrite the financial instruments behind the collapse and take out fat shorts.


You don't see 500k coins change hands with no price change unless someone wants to build a position at little costs.

No one will take a 100m bath on tomorrow's CPI.

Its blackrock and the like. /4

Nothing is moving on alts either.

Volume has dried up to a husk on favored tokens that people love to move around intraday.

Before a tidal wave,

the shoreline always receedes.


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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