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$BTC and $ETH to Dump After CPI Meeting Oct. 13

🚨 BTC and ETH will DUMP after tomorrow's CPI meeting Oct. 13 8:30am EST.

Here's why: - 4h, 1h ETH bearish divergence - 4h BTC bearish divergence - every influencer like @CryptoCapo_ is calling for a mega pump to 21k before the dump

A nfa thread (on how to save yourself)🧵:

1. BTC 4h currently has bullish divergence, meaning the next low must be a higher low. Vice versa, after that higher low completes, we're going to pump back up and make a lower high to complete the bearish divergence target. This will be your last chance at a short entry.

2. Every crypto influencer, degen, and their mothers are looking at the BTC chart waiting for 20k+ to max bid short.

Let's say you believe in 21k before the dump, then you're 100% fine w/ 10x short now where you won't be liquidated until 21k+ anyways - covers both possibilities

3. Let's say you don't believe we dump at 21k or below, well then you shouldn't even be shorting in the first place, you should be longing to like 22k or 25k or 100k, you goofball.

4. In three 4h candles we'll be at the CPI report. Where exactly does it look like we're gonna pump to 21k?

If you believe we're not megapumping to 21k, then your final chance at a short entry is probably near fib levels from 19100 to 19380, w/ less chance of filling higher u go

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This post is based on this twitter thread.


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