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McDonald's Now Accepts Crypto Payments in Switzerland

People can now buy a Big Mac with cryptocurrency as @McDonalds has started accepting crypto payments! 🤤🍔

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The multinational fast food chain McDonald's started to accept Bitcoin as a payment method in Lugano, Switzerland. The city with 63,000 population is quickly becoming a center of crypto adoption in Western Europe.

On October 3rd, Bitcoin Magazine published a minute-long video giving viewers a broad overview of the crypto transactions taking place at the digital kiosks.

The Tether logo was also seen in the video, which is not surprising given that the city of Logano stated in March 2022 that it will accept Bitcoin, Tether, and the LVGA token as legal money.

In the same month, the city signed a 'Plan B' memorandum with Tether. According to this plan, Lugano citizens will be able to pay their taxes, parking tickets, education fees, and other public services using cryptocurrency.

Over 200 local stores and companies are expected to accept cryptocurrency payments for goods and services now.

Source: Cointelegraph

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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