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Longread: ZIZY2 Earns My Dreams in a Small Vacation Town

I bought my first BTC for around 3k in 2017, made a decent amount of money in the bull market and built a solar farm with the money I’ve made, surviving the 2018 bear market. Since 2018, I’ve been living in a small vacation town just by the beach with my wife.

Survived complicated big city life and achieved my goals. If you’re living in a vacation town, there’s really nothing much to do. I’ve spent my last 5 years sitting in front of my pc and watching charts, reading tweets and comments. There are terabytes of data in my brain I guess

And with all this data, I can easily decide if a project will make it or not without reading their whitepapers. A good Twitter thread and a glimpse of a litepaper is enough for me to make a decision. If you’re a web3 native, it’s probably the same for you too.

Last month, I asked for a meeting from a well-known crypto expert who owns a crypto marketing agency and studio. He wanted to see what we are working on before he gave us some time. Then I sent him ZIZY’s wp and Twitter account, he wanted to meet us asap.

We met the other day and he told he didn’t even read our wp, he just read our twitter thread and he said “well, people will love this and ZIZY will make minimum x** (2 digits)

just after TGE”.

So if you’re a web3 native, it is very easy to do the math.


ZIZY2Earn 🎯

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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