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Breaking News: Bitcoin Price Sticking Around The Trend

BTC continues to oscillate weakly and sideways near 19000, the trend channel keeps moving down at a speed of 50 points, today the upper rail is 20025, and the lower rail is 19300

In terms of structure, nothing has changed from yesterday. The daily level is based on the time period of 24, and the bottom structure formed earlier has reached the 21st day, and the impact has been minimal

4 hours without structure, the influence time of the double bottom structure formed before the 2 hour level has passed, and the 1 hour level is currently in a passivation state of the bottom structure

In terms of operation strategy, continue to pay attention to the upper track of the channel. Under the trend, you don't need to invest too much energy, just wait and see

Probably forgot that when the unilateral rise, we made huge profits by covering up and not selling, and also forgot that when the unilateral plummeted, our short positions perfectly avoided the risk

There is no perfect trading system in the market. We enjoy the joy of unilateral rise and avoid the risk of unilateral plunge, so we must endure the hardships of the shock period

Persistence in trend trading during the shock period is a great test of human nature. This is also the reason why many people talk about trend trading, but very few people can really do it

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