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Price Indicators Suggest Buying Is Better To Wait?

⛓️My macro on-chain data view⛓️

Valuable insight into what the future might hold. Are the indicators giving buy signals or is it better to wait?

Let's see.👇

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The amount of BTC younger than six months. Which are economically active. We usually see a decline in the later stages of the bearmarket. Bc hodlers are taking those coins of the market and they're getting older than 6 months. Crypto

Pi Cycle Top Indicator and Oscilator. Works pretty well for btc top and bottom signals. When the Pi Oscillator comes at a certain level it indicates bottom signals, green zone. Crypto

Model for the BTC miner revenue stress. This indicator uses the Puell Multiple and Difficulty Ribbon compression. At certain levels (yellow zones) the mining industry has high stress, indicating miner capitulation. The yellow zones are historically btc bottom areas. Crypto

This model attempts to detect transitional periods between BTC bull and bear (green) markets, and bear to bull (red) markets.

It select indicator for extreme bull/bear is reached. crypto btc bitcoin

The Realized Profits-to-Value Ratio (RPV) is defined as the ratio of Realized Profits and Realized Cap between btc. Finally getting in the green zone which have been good moments to buy btc.

Basis Cost Cohorts. Difference between STH🔴 and LTH🔵 of BTC. When they cross, people who are entered the market in the last 5 months have a better cost basis than those who've weathered all the volatility of the last two years. Crypto

The purple zone takes between 145 and 330 days. We've been here for 18 days. So we still have a long road ahead (if it's going to look like previous bearmarkets).


It certainly makes sense to start buying bitcoin here (ofc DCA). Many value indicators are giving the buy sign. And macro wise things are looking good. From a on-chain pov.

Economically 👇

Economically that are a lot of concers that could affect the cryptomarket. We should certainly keep that in mind.

Bitcoin price today: 18.150 (will come back in couple of months to remind you ;)

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